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Although there are exceptions, personal property usually can be removed without causing damage to either the real estate from which it is removed or the item of property itself.

Manufactured housing mobile homes is also personal property unless the owners file an affidavit affixing the unit to their real estate. The Arizona Constitution and statutes offer several exemptions from personal property tax. Personal property used by the owner for private, domestic purposes is not subject to personal property taxation except for manufactured housing. The amount is adjusted, annually, based on the average annual percentage increase, if any, in the GDP price deflator in the two most recent state fiscal years.

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Vehicles licensed by the state for use on the public highways, waterways, or air space are not reported as taxable personal property. Most personal property leased or rented to others is taxable and the County Assessor should be consulted for specific filing and record keeping instructions. Based on the original cost and age of all personal property in your possession as of December 31 of the prior year, the County Assessor will calculate the current replacement cost new less depreciation of each item.

The tax rates for the county and local governmental jurisdictions in which the business operates are applied to the assessed value. The original cost of a personal property item includes the purchase price plus all freight and installation costs, as well as sales taxes. These forms are available from your County Assessor.

List property that has been acquired or disposed of during the year, and confirm property items still in your possession. A Personal Property Statement must be filed if a form, notice, or demand has been sent by the County Assessor. It must be filed annually by April 1. A separate return must be filed for each business location. Escaped property is subject to taxation, interest, and applicable penalties for a period of three years from the date the notice of escaped property was mailed by the Assessor.

Personal property taxes are billed by the County Treasurer for the county in which the property is located.

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Tax rates are set by the Board of Supervisors for the county in which the property is located. Real and personal property are taxed at the same rate. One-half of the amount of the taxes that are unpaid is delinquent after November 1, and the remaining half that is unpaid is delinquent after May 1.

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Tax rates and the actual amounts of tax are not subject to appeal. A law also restricts LPV increases to 5 percent or less from year to year, meaning property taxes don't always keep pace with increasing property values. Cities, schools, water districts, community colleges, and bond issues all contribute to determining your specific tax rate.

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Keep in mind that the assumption of 13 percent of assessed value was for example purposes only. The actual tax rate in any particular year may be higher or lower. It may also vary from city to city within Maricopa County and may be different there than in other Arizona counties. Primary tax rates fund government entities while secondary tax rates fund special districts and bond issues.

For owner-occupied homes, the total primary tax rate cannot exceed 1 percent of the limited value of the property.

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The state effectively provides a tax break to owners of properties that exceed that threshold, lowering the homeowner's school district tax to compensate, then covering the difference. Homes with occupants other than the owner, for example, rental properties or those held as vacation or second homes, do not qualify for this reduction.

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  8. You can find the assessed value for a home in Maricopa County at the Maricopa County assessor's website. The full cash value, the number the assessor uses to determine the assessed value, rarely reaches the market price. This may reflect the timing of the real estate market on which the values are based or rounding by the assessor's office and they always round in your favor. If you use the current market price of your home as an estimate, your Arizona property tax will likely be lower when you actually get your bill. Each year, the assessor sends an updated assessment of the value of the home, which determines your property tax.

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    The assessor's office uses a combination of information, including previous sales in the neighborhood, distance from major intersections or areas zoned differently, topography, view, livable square footage, lot size and components, and more. A computer analyzes the gathered information to establish your valuation. If you disagree with the information you receive from the assessor, you may appeal within 60 days of the date the assessor mailed the notice.