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For filing requirements and additional fees that may be charged, you can review the following statutes: Texas Property Code Texas Property Code This fee is in addition to regular filing fees. Property Code LGC As per LGC The margin requirements for filing a lien in Calhoun County are 2 inch margins at the top of the first page with.

All other pages must have. Your lien claim should be filed on Letter size 8. Not following these margin and paper size requirements may invalidate your lien claim.

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Official Payment Corp. Note that Official Payments Corp. You will be asked to enter information such as: — Case number: you enter your name — your credit card information — the amount of the payment. You can obtain a recorded copy of your liens in person at either of the Cameron County Clerk office locations listed below:.

You can also search for property legal descriptions online with the Cameron County Appraisal District. You can also access property legal descriptions online with the Calhoun County here. Determining if you have the right to file a lien in Calhoun County, Texas can be complicated.

Texas has one of the most complex lien laws in the U.

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Generally, construction contractors who 1 furnish labor or materials 2 send all required documents before filing a lien, such as monthly notices 3 if a homestead, have a proper written contract 4 and meet any state deadlines and fees for your lien claim. You can learn more about Mechanics Liens in Texas and more specific requirements for filing a lien overall in our step by step guide.

The map of was larger than one page of the clerk's record book, and had been copied on two pages of the book with pen and ink. The division line of the two leagues fell in the space between the two pages, and as reproduced on said record this caused the space to appear as it does on the Exhibit 8 in evidence. However, a roadway is indicated within this space.

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The trial was to a jury, which returned into court its findings as follows:. After verdict, the plaintiffs filed a motion for judgment non obstante veredicto, and County filed its motion for judgment on the verdict. The court denied plaintiffs' motion in all other respects, and granted County's motion in part by refusing the injunctive relief as to the roadway in issue. Each party has filed a separate appeal in this Court from that portion of the trial court's judgment unfavorable to their respective contentions.

The two appeals have been consolidated, and will be so disposed of. The land referred to lies between the south line of Block 33 and the bay shore as shown on the plats of the Port Lavaca Development Company Subdivision in evidence. Plaintiffs owned no record title to this small tract. This appears true not only from the direct and cross examination of plaintiffs' witnesses wherein this land was constantly referred to as the Wilson property, but just as clear from the testimony of County Judge Hartzog and Commissioner Wedig and other defense witnesses. Regardless of whether such possession was sufficiently open and adverse to create a limitation title under the ten-year statute and the jury found that it was not — issue No.

Land v. Turner, Tex. Coastal States Gas Producing Co. County's second, third and fourth points allege error in the action of the trial court in partially granting plaintiffs' motion for judgment n.

City of Brownsville v. West, Tex. State, Tex. Fain, Tex. Harris County, Tex. Maxey, Tex. Common law dedications are subdivided into two classes, express and implied. O'Connor v. Gragg, Tex. The rules of law applicable to implied dedications are set forth in some detail in Dunn v. Deussen, Tex. Gragg, supra. To establish a dedication of land for public use, it is essential that the owner should have intended to set it apart for the use of the public, but such intention need not be evidenced by a deed, and it is sufficient if it be shown by some clear and unequivocal act of declaration of the owner.

Owens v. Hockett, Tex.

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City of Dallas, Tex. Kelley, Tex. Hockett, supra. Deussen, supra, that a presumption of acquiescence is raised when the origin of the user by the public and the ownership of the land at that time are shrouded in obscurity, and no evidence exists to show the intention of the owner in allowing the use. See Tex. Cason, Tex. Deussen, supra. With reference to the legal principles applicable in passing upon a judgment non obstante veredicto we quote the following from Leyva v. Pacheco, Tex. In acting upon such motion all testimony must be considered in a light most favorable to the party against whom the motion is sought and every reasonable intendment deducible from the evidence is to be indulged in such party's favor.

Burt v. Lochausen, Tex. We shall also be governed by the following statement of the Supreme Court in Shelton v. Belknap, Tex.

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See, also, Owens v. Hockett, supra, S. Five witnesses testified for defendants to show the public use of the tract in controversy from forty to fifty-five years ago. Judge Carey Leggett, 78 years of age at the time of trial and a resident of the area for 61 years, testified that when he was a boy and a young man he and others frequently hunted on this tract, and that it was a public place. Defendant Howard Hartzog, present county judge of Calhoun County and lifelong resident there for over 60 years, testified that as a boy scout he frequently travelled the road leading to the reservation and hunted and fished on the area; that this tract, known then as Flounder Point, had always been considered public property and a park; that a gun club used the property, fed people, and shot trap on the end of Flounder Point; that it was where boats were frequently docked; and that this was where the public had barbecues and picnics, and people came in wagons and buggies for gatherings.

Leonard Fisher, former sheriff and ex-commissioner, gave testimony of his experiences with this tract over fifty years ago, and stated that this property was recognized then by the public as a park. Like testimony was given by other witnesses. A number of deeds dated from and earlier to inthe chain of title of the property claimed by plaintiffs were admitted in evidence. A dedication may be shown by circumstance.

The fact that for over 60 years the record owners of this small tract have not sought to exercise rights of ownership may be considered as a circumstance along with the other facts in evidence of the intent to dedicate this property to public use. Also, the fact that the old marked road on the plats leads to this four-acre tract may shed some light on the question of dedication.

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Said area having been dedicated to public use, it remains subject to such use unless abandoned. While plaintiffs allege that said area had been abandoned, they did not request any special issue on that matter.

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The party asserting abandonment must show 1 acts of relinquishment and 2 the intention to abandon and the failure of County to maintain a public area does not establish abandonment as a matter of law. Adams v. Rowles, Tex. Henderson County, Tex. Mere nonuser of an easement will not extinguish it.