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Example, John and Jane Smith would not be acceptable.

Example, John Smith and Jane Smith is acceptable. Must contain a legible notary seal.

Recording Fees

All characters and numbers must be clearly legible. Liquid correction or correction tape is never acceptable on a notary acknowledgment. It is best to attach a new notary acknowledgment if a correction is needed. The notary must legibly complete all required fields. Verification vs.

Notary Acknowledgment Different documents have different recording requirements based on statute. Caption vs. Signature vs.

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Acknowledgment Caption means the name as set out in the body of the document. On a deed this would be the grantor.

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Signature means the signature of the person named in caption along with the name printed below the signature. Acknowledgment means the name of the person being acknowledged set out in the notary acknowledgment. It is required that the name in all three locations be the same. Legible Document Statute requires that the document be photographically reproducible. Type must be complete. No chipped type will be accepted. Services

Maps, diagrams and pictures are strongly discouraged. A Documentary Transfer Tax Declaration must be completed for all conveyances. DTT dollar amount is not considered an acceptable documentary transfer tax declaration. All checks submitted for recording fees are to include a current date, be made payable to San Bernardino County Recorder and state on the memo line the NTE amount.

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Be sure to sign your check. Checks must have the name and address preprinted on the check. Temporary checks are not acceptable. Conformed Copy A conformed copy is an exact photo copy of the completed document, made by the customer and presented to the examiner at the time of the recording. For a fee , the examiner will affix the recording information, which includes the document number and date of recording on the copy to be conformed.

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